- - 4 November 2018 -

The Day Katie Got Sepia and Floating Bubbles

At any given point on any given day you can source hundreds of inspirational quotes from squawking gurus and business mentors and life coaches and teachers and pastors and famous people. Google lets you jam in your request and POOF instant quote. There are sites specifically geared to match inspirational quotes with perfect photos, filtered in sepia with floating bubbles and rays of sunshine.

And that’s all okay.

Audrey Hepburn quotes with her beautiful hats and angelic eyeliner make me happy. Marilyn Munroe staring at me with a sultry smile and exposed soft body proclaiming I DEFY GRAVITY makes me want to defy my own gravity.

But I found a new quote I love.

Katie is right here. We call out her nameless voice when we are afraid and confused and uncertain. Katie, the fire alarm operator, has friend’s that ask,

‘What makes you the way you are? You put yourself out there and you push yourself to do hard things!’

The nameless voiceless Katie replies, and I quote (without sepia and floating bubbles):

“No one has ever convinced me that I couldn’t”

Katie believes we are all capable of creating the best version of our lives – even if we fall – especially when we fall.

Katie’s quote makes me happy.

Katie is one of us.

We can give Audrey and Marilyn the day off.