- - 4 November 2018 -

That Creature Named Comfort

We speak much of comfort.

Any of the things that make life pleasant. Comfort food provides a calming touch to the tongue which transfers to the brain which transfers to your soul telling you everything is going to be alright. Flannel pyjamas and flannel sheets and warm tea and cradled wine all promise to lull you into a comfortable rest. Municipalities place slogans on their point of entry signs [You Are Entering Comfort Country] so you get comfortable, stay awhile, spend your money, increase their revenues to benefit their asset management plan. We wiggle constrictive bras out through our sleeve to expose ourselves to greater comfort and slacken the binding top button of our pants to reveal a larger expanse to relax.

The comfort zone is an end game for most of us.


But if you read between the lines of our Inspire women – if you read between the lines of your own stories – you will find that comfort is not what we truly seek.

A life coach once told me that the comfort zone is a slow way to die.

If you read the bios of our women, you will find that each one of them refused to sit in their comfort zone. Comfort was not their end game. They pushed themselves beyond what was easy. They removed themselves from comfortable but toxic situations or relationships. They educated themselves beyond the comfort of mediocrity. They stretched themselves outside of comfortable and got messy. They ran when they could walk. They had kids when it was comfortable to be single and they stayed single when others told them comforting stories of children. They left the comforts of one country to seek a better life in another. They exchanged comfortable career paths for the scary and uncomfortable unknown.

When you are uncomfortable – you learn, you grow, you inspire.

I can’t confirm or deny that our Inspire women have the Olympic skill and stealth of removing a bra through the sleeve of their arm, but I can tell you this much – Great inspiration comes from those who trek beyond the uncharted perimeters of creature comforts.