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Adventurous • Compassionate • Easy Going

Her Story

Robynne Chapman

Volunteer Firefighter - Otonabee South Monaghan Township

Robynne's Story :

I’m Robynne Chapman, a forty-something gal from Cavan.

I’m a wife, mother of three, daughter, sister, friend.

At the age of 10, my family moved from Huron County to the Kawarthas, making this our home.  After high school, I left the Peterborough area to pursue a career in dental hygiene. Almost 10 years later, never expecting to return except to visit family, I met and married my husband.   We settled down in the township of Otonabee-South Monaghan.

It wasn’t long before I met a neighbour who suggested we both join the volunteer fire department.  He told me all about the training that would be involved, the types of calls we’d typically respond to, as well as the involvement in the community.  This sounded like a great way to give back in such a positive way.

As crazy as it sounded, and thinking “well, they’ll obviously take my husband, but me?”…  I was willing to give it a try.   This was not on my list of “things to do”, but, with excitement, I soon found myself training for this new role.

Talk about stretching yourself, reaching a new height!   Training was intense and intimidating.   In a male dominated field, I felt like a duck out of water.  Everyone worked hard, was encouraging, and in no time, the training was finished.

Now, several years later, I’m still part of the team.   I had a few years off while the kids were young, but  returned with the same desire…to help out in the community.

I can’t, for the life of me, see myself as an inspiration, that just seems like such a big hat to wear.

Inspired?   Yes!

By countless people throughout my life.  Some whom I’ve known intimately for years,  others, I may not have even exchanged words with, but their actions inspired me.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Be inspired, be stretched, the journey can be adventurous and so much fun!