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Kitty Bowles

Volunteer Firefighter - Otonabee South Monaghan Township, Personal Support Worker

Kitty's Story :

1) Who are you?

I am Kathleen ( Kitty) Bowles, I am a Personal Support Worker, a volunteer Fire fighter with OSM, a Daughter, a Sister, an Aunt, most importantly I am a Wife to amazing man (Matt) and a Stepmom to 2 great kids (Hailey and Zachary).

2) Why did you become a Fire Fighter?

I became a Fire Fighter with OSM because I wanted to make a difference and to be a part of a great team/family.

3) What is your best/happiest/proudest moment as a Fire Fighter?

My happiest moment was holding a new born baby that was seconds old in the palms of my hands.   My best moments are the hugs and Thank-you’s we receive from families we have  helped and supported.   My proudest moment was responding to a call driving our big red  pumper/tanker truck for the first time!!!

4) What are you proudest of in your life?

I am proud of believing in myself and pushing myself to limits I didn’t know I had in me, for going after what I wanted in life and making myself happy.

5) What is it like being a woman in a non-traditional career?

It was definitely not easy in the beginning but with determination, respect and patience you become equal.   After all we are there for the same reason.

6) What inspires you?

Knowing my past has made me who I am today.   I am a strong confident, independent, caring woman.

7) What would you say to young women of today about life, jobs, dreams?

Be motivated by the fear of being average.  Don’t ever feel you’re not good enough because you are better!!!!