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Katelyn Miller

Volunteer Firefighter Otonabee South Monaghan Township - Trent Student - Waitress - Supply ECE - Sibling - Rugby Player for Trent University

Katelyn's Story :

1.  Who are you ? 

Katelyn Miller, I’m a student at Trent University, waitress, supply ECE, youngest of 5 (3 sisters, 1 Brother), rugby player for Trent, volunteer fire fighter with OSM,

2.  Why did you become a firefighter? 

I wanted to help people, the same way they helped me the day my brother died.

3.  What is your best/happiest/proudest moment as a firefighter?

The first fire that I ever put out last year by myself

4.  What are you proudest of in your life?

I am proud to be a part of a large strong supportive family, I am proud auntie, I am proud to be a part of University Rugby Team, I am proud to have almost completed another year at University, I am proud of my Native culture,

5.  What is it like being a woman in a non-traditional career?

It feels normal until people say things like “oh good for you being a women in a mans job” then it feels a little weird.  I think women and men can do whatever job they want and it should not be considered pink and blue.  We all want to help someone.

6.  What inspires YOU?

I am inspired by the strong women in my life, my mom, grandma, sister, aunts have all made me be the person I am

7.  What would you say to young women of today about life, jobs, dreams?

You are your own person, live the life you want not what others see for you