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Glenna LaFonte

Volunteer Firefighter - Otonabee South Monaghan Township

Glenna's Story :

1.  Who are you ?

My name is Glenna LaFonte.    I am 46 years old, my husband Darren and we have raised 2 great sons.  I work as a PSW in my community and I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter.

2.  Why did you become a firefighter? 

I became a Fire Fighter because I wanted to give back to my community and to help others as best as I can.

3.  What is your best/happiest/proudest moment as a firefighter?

My proudest member was walking into Graduation of the Fire Academy,   I was 43 and one of the oldest ladies in the course and my husband was there to cheer me on!!
4.  What are you proudest of in your life?

Raising my 2 boys (Tyler and Brett) to be strong, loving, respectful and independent men, this year my husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage.

5.  What is it like being a woman in a non-traditional career?

It has been challenging and fun, but you never know what call you’re going to get next.   I give a lot of credit to ladies who joined before me because they really did pave the way for us.

6.  What inspires YOU?

I get inspired every day, whether it be a person and their actions or someone saying something or a saying in a book, but going to a call and helping people who need it and knowing I am there to do the best I can in a tough situation and to help them get through it all.

7.  What would you say to young women of today about life, jobs, dreams?

Live your Life to the Fullest and Follow Your Dreams!!!