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Strong • Caring • Blessed

Her Story

Margaret Hamilton

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend and Photographer

Margaret's Story :

I was born in Peterborough in 1947, left at the age of 17 and returned in 2004,  In 2018 my husband and I celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary.  We have had many ups and downs but held true to our promise of getting through whatever was dealt to us together.  We have two daughters who live in the USA with their families.  We’re blessed to have three grandchildren that bring constant joy and a whole new reason for living.  I wish we lived closer, but that is not to be, so we make the absolute best of what time we do get together.

Although I worked on and off, my “career” was being the stable and emotional strength of our family while my husband’s career involved us moving several times and him travelling for work most of the time Monday through Friday.  We spent 11 years living in the USA.  While there at 38 years old I went to the university of North Carolina and studied for a B.Sc. in Human Resources Management.

Upon our return to Canada in 1990 I beca a corporate recruiter for both the financial and the automotive industries.  My final full time position, prior to retiring was Operations Manager for a company that sold and installed ATM machines.

In 2004, we moved back to Peterborough to retire.  A few years after settling here I took up photography.  It became one of my passions.  I soon realized how many talented photographers there are in Peterborough and surrounding areas and took it upon myself to find venues to exhibit their art.  For the past 3 years I’ve curated for various photographers to exhibit 2-3 months at a time.  My greatest satisfaction is promoting a photographer that has never had the courage to exhibit their work before.  The ultimate joy is when someone actually purchases one of their pieces.

In 2016 the County of Peterborough and the Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan presented me with two awards for “Leadership in Arts and Culture”.  This too, was another humbling moment for me.

There are many more things on my personal bucket list, but will always whenever and wherever I can, try to help those who need help in one way or another.

I’m most proud of having a small part in raising two incredible, strong, powerful women who will carbon the the “torch” for future women.  They inspire me every day !

To be included in this amazing group of women who live their lives with strength and who encourage and support other women is such an honour.

I believe in “paying it forward” by helping family, friends and my community when and where I’m able.

Life is good !!