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Optimistic • Inventive • Spunky

Her Story

Jake Preddy

Part Owner/Founder - The Escape Maze

Jake's Story :

I’m finally at a place in my life where I feel like everything I’ve done and the lessons I have learned have brought me to this position and this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I love Peterborough but we would have never moved here if my dad didn’t buy a horse. The reason he bought a horse? …to please my mom who said she would love to go on a horse drawn sleigh ride. Naturally, when you buy a horse and you live in Oshawa you have to go buy a farm for the horse to live on. The minute we walked the land, we knew we found home.

Some say you shouldn’t live with your parents. That’s true.

How about living with your two brothers and their families and your parents? Am I crazy ’cause I like it? When we started our family business we had ten adults living on the farm creating an instant workforce.

My photography career developed a variety of skills but it also lead me to travel more. Traveling lead me to new places and new ideas. While in Holland I Googled “Fun things to do” and just reading the description of an escape room made me say, “I’m going to make my own when I get home”. I chatted to the family and 2 months later we opened up our business.

I feel lucky to be me.