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Strong • Brave • Love

Her Story

Danielle Rocheleau

CEO - Laridae

Danielle's Story :

I believe in taking risks, leaning into courage and opening myself up to vulnerability.

I’ve always been someone who connects deeply with emotion, especially at points in my life when feelings were big and seemingly unmanageable. I’ve also always been someone who thinks critically, about most things, and enjoys moving ahead despite the challenges.
My journey through life, although not easy, has been one of continuous growth and resiliency. I’ve taken leaps of faith with my eyes closed and fallen on my face. I’ve also experienced great opportunity, for which I was better prepared, given my failures. The greatest gifts I’ve received in those instances have been the ability to self-reflect and accept life’s lessons.

The experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, and the gems of knowledge acquired have allowed me to better understand myself and others around me. Thanks to them, I’ve developed empathy, compassion, and independence.

I am a mother and a wife. I am a daughter of a single mother and a sister in a blended family. Throughout my life I have experienced deep grief and I’ve been touched by addiction, mental health issues and poverty. I am an entrepreneur who has won some, and lost some, and most recently, I became a CEO.

In thinking about this lifelong journey of learning that I am on, I know one thing. I will continue to grow and with this growth I hope to inspire my children to be strong, independent and understanding; to lead my team to have a positive impact on the world; and to personally contribute to the community around me.