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Gillian Barnes

Construction Project Manager

Gillian's Story :

Hello ..
I’m Gillian, I think I used to be the youngest member of the book club until Sherri joined! I am originally from Wales and have lived in Peterborough for the past 19 years. Apparently I still have a very strong Welsh accent along with a British sense of humour. I am all the usual things, wife (happy and cherished), mother (protective but kick them out of the nest type), daughter (caring and loyal), sister (loving and loved) Auntie (the one who emigrated, and has a funny accent).
Work – I manage construction projects, I truly enjoy my work but cannot wait to retire, there are so many other things to be doing.
Who is your favorite author ?
It may sound lame but one of my favourite authors is Beatrix Potter, when I was a very young girl I had a friend who owned the entire collection, my memories of this friendship are of me sitting on the side of Sheena’s bed looking at the relatively untouched complete collection of Beatrix Potter in their special bookcase with absolute unabashed awe.  Lucky for me Sheena was happy to share the books.  Enid Blyton also tops the list – never did I leave the village library without at least one Enid Blyton book tucked under my arm during my weekly visit.
What are your favorite novel(s) ?
Not sure about the top three novels…and I don’t believe my life has been captured in any novel I have ever read. I’m obviously hard pressed to answer the novel questions….
What inspires you ?
 I am a technicolour dreamer, vivid dreams that are micro detailed and solve a myriad of odd little problems. It’s like a flash of inspiration.
What advice would you give to young women as a new decade begins?
Advice – just get on with life, quit worrying about all the shit you cannot control and have fun along the way. Don’t harbour resentment, work hard when you feel like it and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Lastly feel free to relax and take the whole day off.