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Anne Crowley

Self- Employed

Anne's Story :

Hello …

My name is Anne Crowley. I’m self-employed (semi-retired). I currently provide bookkeeping and administrative support services to several small businesses, most of whom are in the construction industry.

Who is your favourite author ?

When it comes to favourite authors, I’m fickle…often my favourite author is the person who wrote whatever book I’m reading at the moment.

What is your favorite novel

There are so many wonderful novels, but I love big stories I can get lost in. Ken Follett’s Century trilogy is one of my most recent favourites

If your life was a novel, which one(s) would it resemble ?

Not sure what novel my life resembles…or what novel I’d like it to resemble.

What character in a novel would you like to be if you could?

I’ve never wanted to be a character in a novel….or to have a life that resembled a novel….never wanted that much drama in my life, and novels without drama are a tough sell.

What inspires you ?

I’m inspired by acts of kindness & respect: The hospitality extended by the people of Gander to those whose planes were grounded on 9-11. (and by the way, if you have not seen “Come From Away”, you’re missing something wonderful) or the simple individual acts of kindness and decency…..when someone holds a door for another, or stops to help a stranger, or simply takes the time to smile and say hello. Respect is (I think) a Canadian trait: whether it’s the silent salutes to fallen soldiers as their funeral corteges travelled the Highway of Heroes, or cars pulled over to the side of the road to allow a funeral to pass. It’s the simple, individual gestures which in themselves have a unique and touching dignity.

What advice would you share with young women as a new decade begins ?

There are so many things I think young women need to know, and we don’t think to tell them or maybe we just assume they understand. Here are a few of them.

Strive to live with kindness and integrity, and dignity naturally follows.

Let go of anger and avoid angry people…because anger is contagious and corrosive. Likewise with self-proclaimed critics.

Smile…it’s also contagious.

Own your mistakes. They are often the best opportunity you will ever have…to learn, and also to demonstrate integrity.

Youth & beauty will fade. Money & status can be won or lost in an instant. Kindness never goes out of style and can’t be bought or sold.

Recognize that happiness is a choice. Choose to enjoy the world and people around you. Plant a flower, read a book, laugh with a friend.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Chances are no-one else does!