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Dramatic • Empathetic • Generous

Her Story

Shannon Preston

Creator of The Hub, Administrator - Hastings Facebook Page and Instagram Accounts

Shannon's Story :

I was raised on the outskirts of Hastings Ontario with a bouquet of dandelions in one hand and a frog jumping out of the other.  I made mud pies, watched calves being born, and spent many afternoons climbing trees or reading Nancy Drew.

My teens were spent fighting a parental rebellion, hiding in books, and walking the road to town.  Note: I started apologizing to my parents around the time my son entered his adolescence years. #karma

I lost most of my 20’s but escape in my 30’s with a healthy and bright nine year old, who has shown me light & love and that karma is a sneaky little thing.  Being a single parent forced me into adulthood (I’m a late bloomer) and gave me a new appreciation for Cooper – who continues to teach me, challenge me, and motivate me every single day.

In 2007 I crossed paths with destiny and started a steady climb to where I am. I now have a husband who encourages me and humours me and is trying his hardest to teach me to let go. We take road trips, dance in the kitchen, and feed squirrels.  We are surrounded by houseplants, rock collections, and music. There are two cats in our house (Sabbath and Little Bones, for any music fans), and unique artwork adorn our walls.

I can be found volunteering in Hastings – a lot.

I created The Hub (a coffee news publication devoted to Hastings news and Trent Hills businesses) and was editor, publisher, and delivery-girl for 26 monthly issues. I recently finished a three year gig as vice-chair and acting secretary, with the Hastings Revitalization Association, and helped to lead the 2012 campaign to win the title of Canada’s Ultimate Fishing Town. #hastingsrocks

I am the sole administrator of the Hastings Ontario Canada Facebook Page as well as manager of the Hastings Instagram account and a Parks & Trails account associated with my village.  I have helped to organize numerous events in/for Hastings and believe that we are so blessed to live along the Trent River.  I don’t consider myself to be influential but I have great pride in my village
and strive to be an example of positive community involvement and growth.