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Beautiful • Images • Montserrat

Her Story

Montse Alvarado

Photographer - Owner Beautiful Images by Montserrat

Montse's Story :

My name is Maria del Montserrat Alvarado Navarro.

My name represents the best I could have received from my parents.

Maria is my spiritual name, and my name, Montserrat, means “Inside a Hill” in a dialect from a place called Catalonia in Spain.
Alvarado is my Dad’s side of the family – Intelligent, artistic, practical.
Navarro is my Mom’s side of the family – Funny, caring, united.

My whole life has been filled with blessings.  Beginning with my 2 natural children and my 3 step children and their dad Harry, my soul mate and twin soul… but I’m moving ahead too fast… let me start from the beginning…. in Mexico.

I grew up in Mexico city.  I took on the best of each family’s gift as if in preparation for what will await me once I found myself on my own.

I arrived in Canada in 1990 with a husband and a 5 year old child.

It was exciting and scary to be here in a beautiful place with my family but basically I was all on my own.

The marriage failed 5 years into this country but I was smitten by Canada… there was no going back.

I carried on and worked for a couple of Chambers of Commerce which opened my eyes to the beauty of our locality.

After a few years, life took me in a completely different direction.  I met Harry.  We worked hard to make Blades of Glory a wonderful educational and entertainment company and then…. photography became a magnet.

It all started with us hiring a photographer who took some great pictures but they did not represent who we were… so I decided to take the pictures myself…

Fast forward, I have my very own business and Harry is now my photography partner and companion.

We each have our own interests yet we both are an integral part of each other’s.

He is a fantastic photographer that loves to wear armour… and I am a damsel that loves taking pictures.  Together we bring out the best of each other.

I love what I see… I love that I can capture it and I love my name, so it was only natural that my favourite words would be: BEAUTIFUL , IMAGES & MONTSERRAT