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Inquisitorial • Compassionate • Encouraging

Her Story

Laurie Anne King

Portrait Photographer - Psychic Medium

Laurie Anne's Story :

I grew up in Toronto and have recently repatriated to Canada after a 10-year walkabout on the coast of North Tropical Queensland, Australia. Most inquire as to why I came back to Canada.
Sadly, my beloved husband Darryl died of cancer. I felt compelled to return to what feels deeply familiar from my roots to my Canadian family and friends. My healing process has been to
embrace reinventing myself into what I call my 3rd Act.

I am currently a brand-new resident of Campbellford and have been busy establishing my new business. I am a psychic medium and a portrait photographer and as often as I can, entangled
together to create a pretty awesome experience for my clients. I am drawn to work with women around becoming more empowered, healing the way they see themselves and becoming the embodiment of their wisdom.

I live my life in pursuit of expressing my creativity and understanding myself and others. I deeply respect nature. I am a mind-fullness student focused on adhering to the subtle language
of all that is. I am a ‘noticer’.

I enjoy long strolls on the beach and recently along the Trent Severn, usually with a big burly standard poodle named Bear and a DSLR and a tripod in hand, waiting to capture the sun’s
perfect dance of light and reflections.

My sense of purpose and idealism is deeply rooted in a belief that we are all here to be of service to each other. I believe I am truly fortunate to be serving through my spiritual gifts and
to be making a difference.

Friends would describe me as an intuitive listener, truth speaker, introverted, and at times eccentric.

In summary, I am a Mum of two, a Grandma of 3, a widow, a spiritual feminist, a portrait photographer, a psychic medium, an avid poodle lover, and a coffee and scotch aficionado.