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Curious • Tenacious • Loyal

Her Story

Cait Lynch

Nutrition, Fitness and Equestrian Coach, Owner - Custom Fit Vitality

Cait's Story :

Laughed out Loud !

30 years ago, that’s what I would have done if you had told me that I would have a business full of women working out and doing yoga in the top of our century old barn in rural Ontario.

But, my love of horses and motherhood springboard-ed me into this season of my life called “coach” .

As the nutrition, fitness and equestrian coach at Custom Fit Vitality and an author, I Sherpa fellow travelers on their health and wellness journeys.  I love it!  Nothing switches me on more than seeing people cultivate the best of who they are.

My curiosity in wellness blossomed after contracting Lyme’s disease in 2000.  Traditional medicine helped dumb-down the disease, but it didn’t heal me.

With Lyme symptoms like vertigo, muscle wasting, brain fog and incapacitating fatigue, I wasn’t afraid I would die;  I was afraid I would live .

Depressed and scared because I could not train horses (my profession at the time), I was determined to get back in the saddle.

My innate curiosity was key for taking back my health.  I tenaciously sought out practitioners, healers and fitness gurus.  These teachers and coaches not only got me back on horses, they also taught me the skills I needed to age gracefully, so I could ride lifelong.

Excited by what I was learning, I shared every nugget with my equestrian clients, who soaked up the information like sponges.  The work was doubly rewarding because, as a hardcore animal lover, I learned that when we humans are healthier and happier, so are our four-legged companions.

Then, in 2003, my husband Derek and I were blessed with a healthy, baby girl as I entered the season of motherhood.  Lila was (and still is) awesome !  However, I found motherhood mind-numbing and lonely.  I longed to connect with other women who were open-minded, enthusiastic and motivated.

Forever curious, the solution can to me in 2004 when I started Custom Fit Vitality.  That is when I learned that nothing beats a community of compassionate, vibrant and supportive women who’ve got your back.  Nothing.  Especially women who cultivate the best of who we are. It is true:  EVERYTHING gets better when we get better…

Stay curious !