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Determined • Resilient • Compassionate

Her Story

Ashley Tinney-Fischer

Ashley Tinney-Fischer Law

Ashley's Story :

Life truly is a journey, isn’t it?   I’m reminded of this every day in my law practice.  What a privilege it is to build relationships with clients and to provide them with guidance through the various milestones of their life journey.

I was blessed that my journey started with some solid building blocks:  loving parents, good health, a stable home and a strong sense of belonging within my community.   I grew up building forts, devouring books and running through fields, all the while immersed in the pastoral beauty of Trent Hills.  I was praised for my good choices, held accountable for my errors, and encouraged to reach for the stars.

I also consider myself fortunate to have experienced some moments of failure as a child.  Failure, that surly yin to the bright yang of success, isn’t the outcome that we ever hope for but, with the benefit of retrospective wisdom, I have come to value its lessons.

My first real passion was competitive figure skating.  I loved that sport! It opened up artistic and athletic boundaries and allowed me to meet new people.  It gave me competitive experience and allowed me a few tastes of excellence that left me feeling empowered and inspired.    As you would expect there were lows along the way as well, and from these times of failure stemmed my most impactful lesson of them all:  while we don’t always have control over outcomes, we do have control over the effort that we put in to our endeavours, and how we choose to handle failure if and when it happens.  What peace of mind and confidence comes from hard work and knowing that you have given it your all!

Fast forward to adulthood, and while my skates have long since been packed away, this perspective remains my compass bearing along my journey.  I am thankful that my efforts have brought my family and me back to that same hometown community that was an important early building block in my journey.  Knowing that I am giving my best effort to my family, my relationships, my community, my clients, and to myself, brings me joy and inner peace – even if it occasionally means longer hours, difficult conversations and reconsidering how I typically do things.   I have reused and repurposed this lesson as I have grown from child to mother, wife and lawyer and, like a well-worn sweater that I intend to continue to wear on my journey, it bears the marks of time and experience