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Tracey Ormond

Location : Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Nominated By : Kait

It might not be the most glamorous shot of her, or one that she even knows exists, but to me this picture captures so much about just how inspiring this woman is.

Meet Tracey Ormond – female entrepreneur, owner of The Edison Cafe and That’s a Wrap Catering, proud Peterborough supporter, Rotarian, fur-aunt, wife, step mom, the list really goes on – but most importantly to me: my sister and friend.

Tracey has been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember – her strength and determination is nothing short of amazing. From nursing to office jobs to long haul truck driving and now operating her own businesses, Tracey has always had drive and determination in anything she sets her mind to. She greets challenges with poise and perseverance and has been someone I have looked up to my entire life.

This past year has been hard on the world and Tracey has been no exception to this. She faced a challenging 2020 and a rocky start to 2021 but through it all Tracey continues to push forward and be a source of positivity in my life. She is the first one to offer help and the last one to ask for it. No matter what curveballs life throws at her, Tracey continuously shows strength, an unmatched work ethic and a willingness to learn. Taking on a new business venture amidst a pandemic is a testament to just how much drive and determination she has. She is passionate about her community and thrives on connecting with others – through coffee, food, or volunteer opportunities. I am forever grateful and proud to call her my sister.