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Pushpa Khanchandani

Location : Baroda, India

Nominated By : Prakash

This lady became a refugee when she was 17 years old. Before that she was a landlord’s daughter, living a life of luxury. As a refugee she became a beggar. Overnight.

But I haven’t seen her lament her life or her fate. Neither have I heard her speak ill of the people who forced her to become a refugee when she was but a teenager.

She is 91 years old today. She has raised a family, lost her husband, and lost one of her sons. While not bubbling with good cheer all the time, she is calm and content.

I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering that she has gone through. And still retains a sense of balance and peace. If that is not something to inspire, I don’t know what could be.

She is my mother.