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Patrizia Costenaro

Location : Vicenza, Italy

Nominated By : Linda

“Floating resilient”
This is a portrait of my mother swimming at a thermal spa in Italy, March 2021.

My mother is the person who inspired me the most and the strongest person I know: she has had a long term auto-immune degenerative condition since she was five years old. I admire her truly, to have gone and still be going through such difficult daily life.

Despite the pain, the disability and knowing the way she will end up, she never stops learning, creating beautiful things, living life at the fullest.

Swimming gives her back her body in a way no other element does: in the water she doesn’t feel the pain she has while walking, sitting, or lying down. She can be her true self. I loved the sparkle of the sun in the photo, the way she was floating within herself, feeling free from her condition, from everything.

She is the portrait of resilience, I feel ever so blessed to still have her by my side.