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Norma Truman

Location : Kingston, Ontario

Nominated By : Nicole

This is a photo of my mom, Norma.  My Dad always travelled a lot for work, so on the rare occasion he had the opportunity to take some holidays, he always wanted to stay as close to home as possible.  As a result, my Mom and Dad did very little travelling together.  My Dad passed away about four years ago.   This is a photo that was taken during my Mom’s first foray into travelling since that time – a trip all the way to Kingston, Ontario!  My husband and I took her for a weekend getaway, and she had a great time.  This photo is inspirational to me because it was the first time she took us up on an offer to travel with us (albeit not very far) and I think she started to realize that she could go do things on her own and her confidence was built up a bit.  The next year we took her to Florida with us and she had an even better time …