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Natalie Rocheleau

Location : Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Nominated By : Danielle

A lot of things come to mind when I think about my sister – but the word that seems to capture her essence is perseverance. 

This is my sister Natalie – and she inspires me. She takes on ‘hard things’ directly. She leans into vulnerability as means of connecting, healing, and letting others know that they are not alone. In her 31 years on this earth, she has experienced abuse in which she was brave and addressed it in the courts alone. She became a single mother early in life and actively strives to better her situation and be a strong role model for her two daughters. She knows the struggle and importance in maintaining her mental health, is actively navigating addictions, and is part of the quiet demographic of young, single mothers that make up a significant percentage of those living in poverty. She is kind and consistently gives ‘the shirt off her back’ for others who are in need. She is a bright light for those who feel lost. She is strong.  She is resilient. She perseveres.