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Maibritt Jensen

Location : Newbury, United Kingdom

Nominated By : Elizabeth Vickers

Maibritt Jensen coordinates operations for the Newbury Soup Kitchen.  She is also one of their directors.  She is my nominee as she inspires everyone who meets her.

Maibritt is utterly good.  Her main job is within social care, but I see her in her time off organizing equipment, making sure everyone has what they need for a Thursday night or Saturday soup kitchen.  Always first to respond to a request for help.  In lockdown she drove the van to wherever any previously rough sleeping clients had been housed, in their temporary accommodation.  Everyone still needed feeding, giving support to, handed toiletries, clothes, advice, and more.  I found it hard to photograph her because she is always on the move.  She has the answers so is constantly in demand.  Here on a Thursday evening at the soup kitchen in Newbury, you can see her in full speed  but ready to listen to someone’s requests, concerns and needs.

She is a totally good human being.  I believe she is a real life angel.