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Leah Stoller

Location : Jerusalem, Israel

Nominated By : Karen

This picture is of my friend Leah Stoller.

I met Leah in 2005 when she was the director of the play Korczak’s Children, and my son was auditioning. My son got the part, and our two families became an integral part of one another. Leah was the director of JEST ( Jerusalem English Speaking Theater) for 28 years. Leah also held play reading sessions, which I attended, in her home twice a month for about 15 years. She is a voracious reader ( I am a librarian and i have never seen anyone else read like she does) and cruciverbalist.

Now that she is in her 90’s she is slowing down a bit. A horrific accident a few years ago plus several hospitalizations since have left her confined to a wheelchair unable to do simple things for herself.  She has met each illness with grace and dignity, forging ahead with humor, wit, and good cheer. She has been married for 67 years and Larry is the love of her life. ( He has also been slowed -by dementia, and their life together is different now than it was 10 years ago).

Despite slowing down as she enters her later years she is still a treasure to be with, fun and witty, and always willing to pass on the information gleaned from a lifetime of activity, activism, and community service. She has wonderful stories to tell and I have spent many enthralling hours listening to tales of her youth, teaching career. protesting for civil rights and for soviet Jewry, and being a director for so many years.