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Location : Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Nominated By : Tracey

This is Kait, my sister who is almost 19 years younger than me.  From the day she was born she has inspired me.  In the beginning I looked at that sweet little face and all I could think was how lucky I was to have such beautiful little sister.  As she grew, I wanted to become someone that she would be proud of. 

Over the years Kait enjoyed many adventures.  She was on a championship rugby team that travelled to Ireland, she was class valedictorian, she has travelled all over the world, sometimes alone, she put herself through university and became a teacher.  Kait then moved to China all by herself and taught for 5 years.  How inspiring is that?

In 2020, our mom became quite ill and Kait came home.  She then spent every minute caring for her without ever complaining or asking for a thing.

Now Kait is a supply teacher here with the KPR board where she hopes to find full time employment. I am so grateful that she is here.  I love having her so close.

Whenever I am at a crossroads in life or I am struggling to make a decision I think of her and I ask myself “What would I tell Kait to do if she asked me for advice?”