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Jessica Dalliday

Location : Ennismore, Ontario, Canada

Nominated By : Those She Inspired

This is a group submission as Jessica has inspired US.

Jess was a champion for all women. She believed in body positivity and acceptance, speaking your truth, and building a better world for future generations by contributing to and supporting environmental protection projects. She worked full time on her business (Pilates on Demand) while also being a full-time mother to her 2yo daughter Rachel, volunteered in her spare time, AND was a loving, devoted wife- all while growing and nurturing a tiny human within her body.

Jess created Pilates on Demand with the mission of empowering any size, any shape and any body to move with exercise and meditation classes that feature diverse teachers showcasing and catering to unique abilities. She inspired so many of us to be better versions of ourselves through her social media platform- Never sugar coating anything. She was very open about her struggles in her health and wellness journey, her infertility, her relationships, and her journey to motherhood during both pregnancies. She was always real, raw, and honest. Her life brought so much meaning and light to so many. She inspired an entire community, and we wish she could see just how big of an impact she has made. Even in her death, she continues to help others. By choosing to be an organ donor, she has been able to save countless lives and give them a second chance.

Jess was an incredible mother, wife, daughter, friend, entrepreneur, volunteer, activist…the list goes on. She will be greatly missed by her family, friends, and everyone she touched in her community and beyond.

Photo Cred: Chantelle Watt (used with permission)