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Helen Shaw

Location : Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Nominated By : Allyson Brown

Our Grandma is the most kind, strong, intelligent, stylish, beautiful and family-minded woman out there. Only wanting the best for everyone around her and not asking for anything in return, our Grandma is the epitome of selfless.

Born in 1925, Helen Shaw’s first job off of the farm in Douro involved getting an apartment in Peterborough at the young age of 16 and working at the Westclox factory in order to assist with war time efforts during World War 2. She then went on to raise 6 children, and now has 19 proud grandchildren and great grandchildren. Valuing her friendships and exercise, Helen bowled right into her 90’s as a force to be reckoned with for over 50 years in a local competitive bowling league.

Helen’s ability to speak her mind along with her sharp humour and wit, often presenting as iconic one-liners in conversation, are traits appreciated by her family and friends. While she still jokes that canes are for old people, she regularly walks on her treadmill and begrudgingly accepts the assistance of a cane if it means being able to maintain her independence at the age of 96.

Her skills in the kitchen have been passed along through the generations, and while we are unable to gather around the table these days, her family continues to be united in their love of food prepared from scratch through meal drop offs and recipe exchanges.

Her strength is an inspiration, as is the love and encouragement she shows her family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Grandma.