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Heather O’Brien

Location : Warsaw, Ontario Canada

Nominated By : Heather

Ever since we met in a beginner’s photography class, Heather O’Brien has inspired me. As a mom to three wonderful school-aged children (and a very active 18 month-old), she has provided advice, confidence, encouragement and understanding to this fellow mom of one throughout our friendship, and especially in this time of lockdowns and virtual schooling. During this global pandemic, Heather has continued to work from home in her position as an administrative assistant, with her partner Pat’s support and co-parenting. It is her passionate spirit, sense of humour, honesty, optimism, and quiet resilience through whatever life throws her way that inspires me to embrace my own challenges.
It is Heather that has organized weekly virtual meetings for the two of us to share our latest photographs and stay in touch. These occasions have motivated me to take the time to pursue my own hobbies and passions, outside of work and family. Through Heather, I have learned to appreciate the present more and all the precious little moments life gives us, if we just stop for a minute to take a picture.
Inspiration is not just one grand gesture or amazing feat. As Heather O’Brien has shown me, sometimes inspiration is simply navigating life (and all its ups and downs) with grace, laughter, tears, humility, and friendship.