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Loyal • Resourceful • Conscientious

Her Story

Vicky McPhail

Christian. Friend. Mom. Wife. Daughter. Homeschooler. Foster parent. Bookkeeper. Runner

Vicky's Story :

I am definitely a Type A personality. I don’t mind describing myself in labels because I love things organized and categorized. Even though I can hardly describe day to day life like that. Christian. Friend. Mom. Wife. Daughter. Homeschooler. Foster parent. Bookkeeper. Runner. (I’m hoping the latter helps avoid the coronary associated with Type As…)
I’m also one of those people who probably knows a little about a lot instead of a lot about a little, which has served both me and hopefully as a goal, others, well. I am good at finding information – I am trying to get better at recognizing that sometimes though maybe I don’t need all the information. Faith is an important and driving force in my life. So is family and friendship. I cannot be grateful enough for the support system I have.
Being home hasn’t meant hustle – after leaving my career to be home with our daughter (and now son) 10 years ago, to stay busy and contribute to our family I’ve tutored high school math; worked retail; done daycare for friends and neighbours; even had a summer paper route. It’s also allowed me to foster an appreciation for life long learning after completing a certificate program recently (though I wish I had more appreciation while studying during my undergrad in my twenties when I didn’t have a baby waking me up in the middle of the night)… I think knowing my mom made the same sacrifices for my brother and dad and I has made it an easy choice for me to do the same for my own family. 20 years ago, when she was the same age as me, she was forced to make a career change after a wrongful dismissal. So she went back to school in her thirties too – I suppose I am the epitome of the saying “She got it from her mama”. I always remember my mom being home with us, but in reality she was definitely hustling too – cleaning toilets, catering, coaching, and working clothing retail. So everything she did out of necessity I now get to do out of opportunity.
Growing up I always thought I would move away from home, live in the big city and make the big bucks. Travel the world. Be invincible. I suppose having parents who make it their own ambition to have the world as their children’s oyster contributed to that. But also having such supportive, generous, self-sacrificing parents ultimately meant I didn’t want to be far from them once I actually “grew up”. So now I live ten minutes away, live in a small city, and stay home with my own kids. This Type A could not have planned a life so great.