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Creative • Ambitious • Independent

Her Story

Valerie Yeo

Welder, Millwright Apprentice

Valerie's Story :

My name is Valerie Yeo.  I am a 23 year old Peterborough native.  I work at Steelworks Design as a Welder and a Millwright Apprentice.

I have been working in manufacturing for almost 5 years now and finding more reasons everyday to continue working in my sector.  My work-life goal is to be Red Seal Dual Traded by the age of 26, but my work-dream is to empower, enlighten and educate young people about what I do and how it is an option for themselves.  I aspire to be the Rosie Riveter of this generation with her   “We Can Do It ”   attitude and perserverance.

I was 16 when I graduated high school and did not have the faintest idea of which career path I was meant for, reflecting back, I wish there was more awareness of the trades as a career.   Having a visible and reachable role model to look up to and relate with I think is critical in this day and age for young adults.

I have spent my career dedicating myself to push myself to learn and never say no to a new opportunity to become a greater tradeswoman.   I apply my work into all aspects of my life,  I use my mechanical abilities to build or repair my hobbies like my dirt bike and jet ski at home with my significant other.

The saying goes  ”  If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”  I have managed to do just that, I have found such diversity in my career and I am looking forward to what my future has in store for me.