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Her Story

Tracey Robinson

VON - Peterborough - Victoria - Haliburton

Tracey's Story :

I was born and raised in the Peterborough area, specifically Warsaw.  I have been married to an amazing guy for 23yrs.  We have two beautiful daughters who are beginning to plan for their futures. I graduated from the nursing program in 1995.  I moved to Florida where I practiced nursing for 2.5 years.

We moved back home in 1998 and I started work at VON.  I really had no idea at the time what a VON nurse did.  Until you work in home care or have received home care you really don't know.  Home care nurses are “jack of all trades ” and are truly special people.  We have to be able to adapt to any situation and be creative as our work environment is the patient’s home.

I have truly grown as a nurse.  Meeting my patients in their home surrounded by family or sadly having no family or supports, it really puts everything into perspective.  I am never just caring for a wound or infection, post op healing, there is so much more involved to each person’s care.  I have enjoyed educating patients and their families how to manage their health and I hope I have made a long-term impact on them to lead a healthy life.

VON has a great group of staff, we are a very supportive team.

I am truly honoured to be involved in this project and feel any one of my coworkers are deserving of being nominated for this project.