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Dedicated • Generous • Advocate

Her Story

Tanna Edwards

Soroptimist – Governor Eastern Canada Region, Trent University

Tanna's Story


Name…from Mom, who chose it from a classmate of hers when she was a girl.

Not short-form for anything else.

Sadly, my namesake was unfortunately one of the many victims of Hurricane Hazel in Weston, ON, back in the early 50’s.

Wife to Joe, my supportive rock, and proud “other mother” to my inherited sons, Paul and Kyle; Grandma to my four grandsons, Zach, Braedyn, Will and Carter.

Born in Toronto, raised in Montreal during the FLQ craziness, studied Political Science back in the 70s at Trent with gifted profs who taught me much about critical thinking, the Canadian psyche, being my own person, and taking care of others.

Have been a political junkie ever since…and yes, a proud liberal snowflake.

Thankful to be working at Trent after many years in private industry – it looks different but the values and dedication to students have not changed.

Somewhere along the way (pretty sure it was Mom’s quiet influence, back in the day) I became passionate about women’s issues, gender equality and knowing that every girl deserved the same opportunities and choices that every boy had/has.

Also that real men don’t beat women, but that hurt people hurt people.

Beginning to understand what inspired me initially, has brought me back to, and keeps me committed to Soroptimist (a what?!)

Check us out here:, or

I am currently serving as Governor of Eastern Canada Region, and am a proud member of the Peterborough club.

I have been a member in 3 different cities in North America and found in each a combination of sisterhood and mentors with a shared purpose.

I just came back from Japan, thanks to my involvement in this global group of amazing women! Would you like to know more?