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Creative • Caring • Calm

Her Story

Sylvia Davies

Owner - Trainer - Sylvia Davies Training and Consulting

Sylvia's Story :

When I started writing this bio I was trying to think of a defining moment that changed my life — a single incident that set me on a certain path. I realized I don’t have one defining moment in my life. I have four. 

 The first was at the age of six. My mother became very ill. As a result, all four children had to help out with chores. I am the youngest in my family and it was during this period in my life I learned to cook. 

 Later when my son was diagnosed with a chronic illness I was able to take the skills I had learned and help him become well again. I embarked on a journey of allergy-free cooking that led me to write a cookbook of comfort food recipes that my son was able to enjoy. “Feeding Carl: Easy Allergy-free Cooking” was the title of the book. I also believe the years I spent helping out as a child led to a career of working with not-for-profit agencies focused on youth, social services, literacy and health for 30 years in management roles and as a consultant.

Number two was my decision to take a year off from pursuing my career to teach English in Prague. I had no idea how dramatically this decision would impact my future. At this time in my life I had no intention of ever being in a long-term relationship or having children. In Prague I met my partner Andrew. I followed him to Peterborough where I developed a wonderful community of friends, and a deep love for this city and its surrounding beauty. 

Number three is becoming a mother. My children have brought a richness to my life that I was unable to imagine. With that richness comes laughter, tears, and immense heartache and joy that could freeze and thaw Lake Superior.

The fourth defining moment and perhaps the most challenging was the death of my brother. He was murdered at his work. It was one of those statistically unlikely murders where the perpetrator didn’t know his victim. This didn’t make it easier to accept the loss. You never entirely recover from the impact of this violence, but it has taught me to treasure the good moments in life and find ways to manage the challenging times. 

The loss of my brother often comes out in my writing. I have been published online, in magazines and in The Globe and Mail and continue to publish online. I have also written a novel and book of poetry.