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Fearless • Fierce • Free

Her Story

Sofie Andreou

StartUp Ptbo Founder, Producer, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Board, Women’s Business Network Member, Trent Business Council

Sofie's Story

My tattoo is of the Lady of the Lake sword.  It’s all about being authentic and not letting anyone have an unhealthy hold over you.

Something happened to me over a period of time, walking home from school,  that scared and embarrassed me so much that I hid it from family. I thought it was my fault and they would be mad at me. I was 8 years old when it started.   I believed I was an adult at 8 and that I was responsible for everything that happened to me. After hiding for a long time, living a double life until I was 11, I started studying hard and became involved in my Greek youth group & dance group, I became at peace. Realized later in years that suppressed all memories before 11 years old.

I won’t talk about the trauma that brought the memories back in my early 30s.

My family was so dedicated to all things good, family, community, food, education, music, that they made my core strong. We were old fashioned, I know now I should have told my parents what was going I  through when I was 8 years old, they would have kicked some serious ass. I know now that teacher I opened up to in grade 4 or 5 was a horrible teacher and she should have helped me, but, she made me hide.

Big lesson is that I now know that fear is not real. Fear is a fake emotion.  Just be proud, figure out who you love and protect them, and figure our what you love to do, do it and become damn amazing at it.

This is why I am drive to mentor young women, I want them to realize their power and to be fearless.

This is why I love the principles we apply with our digital marketing clients’, be authentic, passionate and share all that is good in what you do.

I’ve authored four digital marketing books; they are used by my corporate clients and Trent University Students.

The corporate world is 80% of my life, I teach an Online Marketing Class at Trent University the other part of my life.  I have about 5 interns every year. They work for my company as well as a volunteer business TV series I produce called My objective is to create strong entrepreneurs! Giving them materials for their portfolios and giving them excellent contacts to help blast off their careers.

I’m proud to hold my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Engineering in Information Systems from the University of Toronto.

I love giving back to this community; I’m currently on the Board of The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, on the Trent University Business Council & a StartUpPtbo Founder to name a few!

I have completed 10 half-marathons and now that some technical issues are out of the way, I hope to continue in a year’s time.

I have an over the top passion for off the beaten path travelling with my husband and trail walking or running with my two dogs.

My husband and I make an amazing team. We are authentic.  We love life. We believe in each other, make each other stronger, we are a proud powerful team and love what we do.