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Playful • Passionate • Joyful

Her Story

Sharleen Walsh-Gareau

Social Media Influencer at Boho Fab Inc.

" I have no special talents. I am just passionately curious " - Einstein

I have no idea what I’m doing here among these intelligent and inspiring women.

I haven’t always put myself out there because I’m afraid to get hurt.  Even though I live a pretty public life on social media – I am actually a pretty private person (seriously).  There are many things over the years I’ve wanted to share with others and on my social media page but because of bad past experiences with others, mean comments or fear of being judged, I haven’t always showcased other areas of my life or things about myself that make me, ME.

Because of this, I try very hard (okay, it’s pretty easy for me) to be the best human I can be.  I love sharing my passion with others and making you smile and laugh. I’m never going to forget how wildly capable I am and want others to feel the same way.   Life’s too short.   It takes a village to raise a child, I know, I was raised by a lovely amazing village in the West Indies that provided compassion, a safe zone and so much love, I was spoiled.

It’s crazy how we can build something up in our heads so much and let our insecurities get the best of us.   What I’ve learned over the years from this process and connecting with all of you, my family (especially, my husband and daughter who experience my Gemini ways day in and day out) and my friends, is that all you need in this life is to find people who support and love you for you.   After many years, I have found my perfect tribe of people who inspire me and bring out my best self. No one else truly matters and never change because you want to be accepted by other people.   You should never change because you are amazing just the way you are.   I hope going forward this will continue to help me (an anyone else out there) grow as a person and never be afraid to fully be myself on and off social media.

Finding my passion in circus arts as a flow artist (Hula Hooper) recently has given me the space I needed to grow as a person, sharing my excitement in dance and flow with others while allowing me to engage in activity that amuses me while finding myself in this wild world of ours.