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Strong • Resilient • Compassionate

Her Story

Sharie Henning

Administrator - Century 21 Peterborough

Sharie's Story :

When I was told I was nominated as Inspirational I was surprised, I do not feel inspirational, actually very average. All I ever wanted in life was to be happy. To me happiness is being a wife, a mother and having a job that I love. I have been blessed with all three.

But like so many people I learnt life also can be very cruel and so very unfair.

I have had great joy, I have seen much sadness.

I am sharing my story not for sympathy but it is a story of survival and the reliance of the soul. Regardless of how unfair life can be – strength and courage can be found.

Nothing though compared to the heartache when we lost our only child, our beautiful James very unexpectedly.

I am told I am strong – I feel I had no choice – but I guess in reality I did. They say do not let tragedy define you – for me it created who I am today. Though losing our son was the most
traumatic experience in my life. I have drawn from an inner strength that I did know I possessed. I get up every morning, put a smile on my face – some days are harder than others – but I embrace the day and know whatever challenges it may present I will overcome. I still view the glass as half full – not half empty.

Looking towards the future and having dreams and goals to achieve is an important part of life but for me remembering the past and the lessons I have learned, the heartache I have endured
has shaped the person I am in today. I am the same person but I am a kinder, stronger, more compassionate version of what I once was. I like who I am.