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Her Story

Shari Darling

Founder – CEO, Fresh DOH – Understand Publishing

Shari's Story

In 2018 I completed my Alzheimer’s Caregiving Tour of Duty in caring for my husband, Jack, who passed away from Alzheimer complications on January 14, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Caregiving for a loved one with Alzheimer’s for over 5 years was the most mentally, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally challenging mission of my life.
AND it was also the most rewarding.

It was an honour for me to give my life for such an extraordinary man who greatly impacted the planet in transformational ways.

Tender sweet moments of deep connection mixed with violence and rage and sleepless night, cleaning up floors, and on hyper diligence 24/7.
Did you know that 64 percent of elderly non paid caregivers become more ill and die before the person with the disease?

After Jack transitioned, I felt that life and living were pointless and meaningless.
In moving through the grief I have re-discovered that living a fulfilled life is in living a life of purpose that makes a difference for others.
When you live with a higher purpose, life becomes meaningful, exciting and beautiful.

While Jack was alive we had embarked on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle to reduce inflammation in his body and brain. We lived a gluten, grain and refined sugar free lifestyle. (We also lost a lot of unnecessary weight!) . Living this way did not reverse his Alzheimer’s symptoms and it did not disappear the disease. But, living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle made Jack and I as healthy as possible.

And in being healthy, Jack had outstanding quality of life to the end. He swam up 25 lengths in the YMCA pool up until the month he had a Gran Mal seizure, died in our kitchen, came back to life, and spent the remaining 5 months and 14 days in the hospital until his death. And he died a peaceful and virtually pain free death. He lived and died this way because of our lifestyle.

In honour of Jack’s life and to support others who are living with Alzheimer’s and other inflammatory and auto-immune diseases and disorders, I created a new online business. My purpose is educate about the purpose and benefits of living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and also to offer recipes, books, and products to make this lifestyle enjoyable. It’s important to eat well. But it’s also vital to indulge in comfort food once in a while! Eating comfort food once in a while keeps the mind healthy, the spirit enthusiastic. Indulging in comfort food allows one to maintain a certain lifestyle long term.

At FRESH DOH (, I produce a line of gluten, grain and refined sugar free fresh dough mixes. Comfort foods still aligned with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

In creating this new business I can use my destiny, wisdom, and knowledge to serve a purpose in Jack’s honour and to make a difference for others.