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Compassionate • Driven • Caring

Her Story

Shannon Longhurst

VON - Peterborough - Victoria - Haliburton

Shannon's Story :

My name is Shannon Longhurst and I am grateful to have lived in this community for over 40 years! My ambition in life has always been to help people in one way or another.

In 1999, after my Dad passed away suddenly from a dissected aortic aneurysm, I began to reflect upon my life and career. His passing was such a life changing event in my life. I thought about how life is very short and I needed to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. No one knew that I had this deep desire. Explaining my desire to my husband and mother about the idea of going back to school to pursue my dream was life changing. Their incredible support in this new journey justified my decision.

At that time, our daughter was 5 years old and our son was 2. My mom took care of our children while my husband worked full time. I had such an incredible support system that allowed me to pursue this dream! When I graduated I felt as though there should have been 3 diplomas!

I graduated from the RPN program in 2000 and started my nursing career at PRHC, followed by a 9 year career as a community nurse until I was given the privilege to work for the VON Assisted Living program as an RPN Team Lead.

I have been part of the incredible VON team of RPN’s, PSW’s and Home Helpers for over 7 years. This role has allowed me to share VON’s passion for providing exceptional client care to high risk seniors in our community. Our mission is to provide home care support to seniors to allow them to remain in their homes and ideally out of long term care. Our team goes above and beyond each and every day to make the lives of our seniors better.
I am happy to be living my dream…