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Brave • Strong • Sweet

Her Story

Selena Wilson

Owner - SKW Beauty

Selena's Story

My life really began this past year at the age of 30, unfortunately in order for my life to begin I had to go through hell.

Looking back, I realize I excelled at coasting through life, that is until 4 years ago, when the answer to why I had so many walls built up came crashing in. I went through a heartbreak and because of that, the repressed memory of being sexually abused at the age of 12, by a respected uncle, came back. I realized I had massive walls built up and didn’t trust anyone.

I did what I always did, I dealt with it myself and I didn’t let anyone in. It was a secret, it was dirty, and I felt like it was my fault. I was left broken and damaged. I turned to alcohol, mainly to help hide what I was feeling, and to forget. I couldn’t sleep, so I started taking sleep aids, and some nights mixed them with my nightly whiskey.

Fast forward a year and a half; I had finished college and taken the first step by starting therapy. I had finally for the first time, spoken the words “my uncle sexually abused” me out loud.

I finally opened up to my sisters and best friends, and only then did healing process begin. I also started the conversation with my parents about it. January 2nd 2016, I finally talked to my doctor and started medication for my depression and anxiety. I have learned that acknowledging I need help to manage daily life, isn’t showing weakness, but actually strength.

Since then, I’ve broken down my walls and taken the steps to build and run my own business. I am doing what I love and what I am passionate about. I am finally living my life and not coasting through, and that is more then I could ever ask for.