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Curious • Determined • Candid

Her Story

Sarah Mathison

Victorian Order of Nurses Peterborough-Victoria-Haliburton

Sarah's Story :

I was a stay at home mom until my youngest started school in 2014. I didn’t know where to begin when I was looking for work but I knew I wanted to do something I could be proud of, that my children could be proud of.

I found work with the VON and have the privilege of working with an incredible team. The people I work with inspire me every day with their dedication, compassion and patience for the seniors we serve. My work can be challenging and overwhelming at times, but knowing my teammates show up and give it their best day after day keeps me motivated.

I want my children to see the good in the world and seek ways to be the good in the world. When I heard about surrogacy it just felt right for me. After a lot of research, and even more conversations, my partner and I agreed that if there was something we could do to help someone else experience the joy we’ve had in raising our children, we should do it. I was scared, early in the process for our first surrogate pregnancy I was ready to quit before it began. Knowing how much I’d regret not doing it kept me going.

I am still impressed by the way our, then two-year-old, daughter responded while I explained what we were doing. I was sure they’d be confused, or even upset, given that so many adults struggled with the idea. She looked at me and said, “It’s like you’re tummy sitting, Mommy.” Simple. She got it, they both did. They loved cuddling my belly and learning about pregnancy. I loved showing them that families are built in many ways, that the most important factor is love. I was able to help two Mothers; whose love and determination willed their babies into existence. It’s a lot of science, and some magic. I’m proud every day that I could be a part of that magic.