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Beautiful • Inspiring • Courageous

Her Story

Sarah Evans

Real Estate Agent - Century 21 United Realty Inc. Brokerage

Sarah's Story :

I’m a mom, wife, Realtor, a cycle instructor, chef, maid, chauffeur, and the list goes on, as it does for all moms! 😉

I have the greatest personal assistant in the world and am overly blessed and full of gratitude!

I recently, at the ripe old age of 39, acquired a fancy new pace maker!

This is where the overwhelming gratitude comes in to play 🙂

My heart stops…. just likes to stop, and the fact that it was caught, and caught early is nothing short of miraculous!  As I was told over and over again by PRHC’s amazing medical staff!

So, with all of this being said, I truly do not take a day for granted!  I believe every single human is a gift!   And that each one of us is full of limitless potential, and I enjoy reminding people of that!

Especially while kicking their butt on a RealRyder bike 🙂

I love my family, my friends, my clients!   Without them I wouldn’t be as successful as I am, and I’m so appreciative of every single person who supports me.   It’s not taken for granted!  I’m a proud supporter of our great city and community and giving back is one of my favourite things to do!

And wine… one of my favourites is also red wine! Lol 😆

I’m a mombassador!

What is that?

It’s a group of powerhouse lady bosses ( who are moms) that support our local hospital and raise funds to purchase life saving equipment for our new borns!   In 6 weeks we managed to raise $35,000 for a fetal heart monitor…. as all of the others were old and on their last legs.  This years endeavour is a fetal ventilator! $75,000 is our goal!  Our hospital only has one….. a bit of a predicament if you’ve had twins!!!  Or if 2 Mother’s have babies in distress at the same time.

I’m also a huge supporter of hospice!  My father passed of cancer 14 years ago…. I know first hand how important every program is, how important the care is, how important the quality of the space is…. when your saying your last goodbyes.

We have a choice in life, to play the victim, or be the champion.

I push others to be the champion….. sometimes just getting up and dusting yourself off…. makes a person a champion.   And that’s what I like to inspire others to do! We all have shit, right!!! Yes, of course right! And I think every hurdle we overcome makes us stronger…. and enables us to empathize and be there for others who are having the same struggles.   I try to make it very clear that every time I’m hired, each one of my clients helps to give back to the community!

Now Please, don’t get me wrong….. I’m full of faults!

I asked my husband…. give me 3 words to describe me…. he said: beautiful, inspiring, and short-tempered😆🤣🤣🤣!

He changed the latter to courageous…. and I’ll take that one!

It takes courage to leap in life.   It’s easier to stay still and safe, but I definitely thrive in taking the road less traveled.

The other fabulous agents I’m surrounded by have said numerous times…. geez…. if you weren’t running at full capacity before Sarah, what are you going to do now that your ticker is fixed???   This made me pause.   Sometimes, we are guided, sometimes little thoughts like this peak ones curiosity, and I’m thinking to myself…. what will I do next???

All I do know for certain, is this beautiful journey that is life, is a precious gift.    I’m overly blessed!    Yes I work very hard and run all over the world so I believe I deserve what I have in life because of my farm girl work ethic ( yes… child farmer… lol).   But there is so much more, and so much more to do.

If we all gave a little of ourselves, the world would be a better place.   I like to think that my efforts certainly help, and I’ll continue to do so!

My cup runneth over 🙏

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this phenomenal venture!!