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Multi-Faceted • Compassionate • Healer

Her Story

Sandi Shortt

Owner - Sandi Shortt Consulting

Sandi's Story :

Who am I ??

That is the question I asked myself after my husband died very suddenly and I became a single parent to our three sons aged 9, 10, and 11.

I had “survived” many challenges in my early life but working through this grief was different.  For the sake of my soul and my sons’ well being, I decided to seek help.  Thus began my life transition and a whole new perspective on it.

I loved it !

I was like a sponge for all this new learning – from all the self-help books, to my personal psychotherapy; I found it an exciting journey to lift the veil of illusion, see the challenge as a lesson, route out the grief hidden inside, begin to move through it, start to thrive and move on.  Out of the challenges arise the lessons hidden in the silver lining.  I went back to school, became a psychotherapist, taught and counselled clients.  I learned many different healing modalities, so as a healer, I could be multi-faceted.

Working through the challenges in my life allowed me to support, empathize with and guide my clients as they began their healing journey.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

One more challenge whose silver lining  led me to the paddling team, new friends and being physically fitter than ever !

I continue to learn, teach and explore new ways to help myself and others.  At the present my focus is on Young Living Essential Oils and Products which allow our bodies and homes to be clean and healthy.

To survive, heal your soul’s pain, and come out the other side is to become more than a survivor – perhaps a sur-THRIVER and in turn, a healer for others.