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Loyal • Practical • Opinionated

Her Story

Russet Preston

Owner - Russets Rhea-lly Emu-zing Ranch

Russet's Story :

I am now retired from my job as an accounting manager, but I am still farming emu, rhea and other birds. I have always been a bit of a workaholic. I loved the challenge of my day job. Now looking back I see that my job was not really all that important. It was just a job. When I retired, a new employee quickly took over and did the job I thought only I could do well. We can all be replaced almost effortlessly.

Family lasts forever. We should focus more on them. I have to say our children have all grown into smart, successful, generous and loving adults. They have brought more love and laughter to our lives that any job ever could. The younger ones grew up on the farm and all had their jobs to do. This taught them responsibility, and gave them a great work ethic. Only one is interested in farming, the others have found they can work shorter days for way more money than they could ever get farming, and they have holidays and weekends off! Who can blame them for leaving the Farm.

Life is too short. I try and look for joy in all the little things around me. Things like a bird singing, the sunshine, a nest full of eggs, new chicks hatching, or the bright color of a dandelion. These are all small insignificant things but they are each a small miracle that can brighten my day. I still get a thrill collecting the eggs each day. Having to wash the dirty eggs doesn’t have the same thrill though.

When I was young, I was painfully shy. It took me a lifetime to realize there was nothing wrong with me. I am as good as anyone else. If I stand tall and look confident, then people treat me with the respect we all deserve. People are drawn to confident people. So stand tall, put your shoulders back, look people in the eye and speak with confidence. God knows what you can do even if you don’t believe it. He doesn’t give you any challenge you can’t handle. Although at times I have felt he was really pushing my limits.

I am probably too opinionated. I hate to see any injustice or waste and I have to step up and speak out. This trait doesn’t make me too popular, but I think it is the right thing to do. If we all stood up for what we believe, this would be a better world.
Try to be kind to everyone you meet. You will be surprised at how interesting people are that you would not normally approach. When I was young and not brave enough to tackle group situations, my Mother use to tell me to look for someone all alone and go and talk to them. Then instead of two scared, lonely people there would be two people who found strength in each other. It works!

I still find it hard to ask for help, but no one can do everything alone. Even if we consider ourselves to be strong and part “wonder woman”, we are not. The amazing thing is that if you ask for help, people are happy to pitch in, and any job seems to be easier and go faster when you have help.

Periodically you should reassess your priorities, is it more important to spend time with your loved ones or to clean your windows. The windows will be there tomorrow, you family might not be. Anyone who has been to my house can tell you cleaning is not one of my priorities. I would rather clean the barn then clean the house. Make the time to do the things that bring you joy. Make time for the important people in your life. Be proud of the person you have become.