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Grounded • Supportive • Organized

Her Story

Rosemary Davidson

Community Care Peterborough

Rosemary's Story :

My Grandma Marion was a firm believer that every problem can be solved by taking a deep breath and brewing a strong cup of tea. I was fortunate to be raised right next door to Grandma and came to learn that she was pretty much right! I now have a whole collection of teacups to solve any problem and have realized that mostly, what she was talking about was taking a moment to find perspective.

Life is all about finding perspective – in the events shaping your life, the world around you and yourself as a person. Growing up in a small town meant that most of the time you were identified by who you were related to. It helped put you, as a person, into a role – another person’s perspective. Once it was determined whose grandchild, child, sister, cousin you were, then you could be properly dealt with. I know I have spent a great part of my life identifying myself in such a way to others and having it evolve to include whose wife and mother I am.

While all of those things determine my connections, they do not define me as a person. It has taken me a long time (and a lot of tea) to figure out that I can be individually Rosemary, while still being each of those other labels. None are an exclusive definition of who I am – I am a composite of all these perspectives and that is just fine.

When asked to write this biography, I started in a very different direction – although it was with a cup of tea in hand. Perspective has been something I have struggled with over the last couple years through job changes and life events. Thinking and looking back on things I could write about, provided me to opportunity to take stock and look around at life as it is now and realize that once again, I can look at life with a fresh perspective!