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Adventurous • Resolute • Strong

Her Story

Rita Wilke

Proud Mom of 3 Adult Children - District Manager - Canadian Federation of Independent Business - Volunteer - World Traveller

Rita's Story :

My portrait was taken on the banks of the Otonabee River with Trent University’s Faryon Bridge in the background.  This bridge holds a very special place in my heart.  Family memories were made here, too many to tell.

To bridge is to form a connection, bond or link between two things in order to cross over, go under or choose to go around.  Bridges remain my favourite architectural structure and my inspiration.

There’s bridges from the past…   My life experience is what defines me.   The Italian cultural heritage of my upbringing and the gratitude and pride I feel to be Canadian, the strong family ties, the education, the multiple Canadian cities I have called home, the jobs I have held, my successes and my failures.

There’s bridges made of colours… My parents, my siblings, my lover, my children, the people I have met along the way.  They are my rainbow without whom, I would be colourless.

There’s bridges made of sorrow…   The grief encountered at the loss of loved ones.    My father.    My husband.    My brother.    The love and support felt by family, friends and professionals.   The choice to heal and to move through this space and beyond.   The desire to help others in small ways via volunteerism and “paying it forward”.   The gratification this brings.

There’s bridges to tomorrow…   The immense opportunity to grow, to learn, to interact, to travel, to connect and to do so in good health, vitality and with the adventurous spirit I possess within.

There’s bridges made of love…   To always give love, to find love, to love one’s self.   To “inspire” love, in the metaphorical extension of its Latin root, “inspirare”- to breath love.