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Tenacious • Loyal • Generous

Her Story

Rencee Noonan

Memorial Counsellor - Peterborough Monument Works

Rencee's Story :

One Team, One Dream, One Goal.

When I was little, most girls played with dolls and liked frilly and fancy things. That was never me…

I did not enjoy any of those things and never reached for dolls or dresses. I enjoyed running, jumping and kicking and throwing balls… I LOVED SPORTS.

I would see boy’s soccer, baseball and basketball teams at school and wondered why I could not play. I was determined to play sports with the boys. For my birthday I asked for a soccer ball, a basketball and a football. My parents looked confused but they did get them for me. I went out to the school yard with my soccer ball and encouraged other girls to come and try it too. Some of the boys even asked if they could play with us, this made my heart swell. I then brought the basketball to school and the same thing happened…the girls wanted to play sports!

In the school yard I learned the basic skills of some of my favourite sports. When I became a little older my passion grew and I wanted to be on competitive teams. I was encouraged to try out and eventually made the teams. Being part of competitive line-ups taught me: to be a team member by supporting and including others, leadership, compassion, time management and how to stand my ground. A life in sports has taught me how to be successful and how to deal with disappointment. I have now taken those skills forward into my day to day life.

I was fortunate to marry someone who shared my passion for playing and enjoying sports. I feel sports give you a great foundation of feeling part of something- being part of a team, being part of a community and making you feel included. Sports have given me some great life skills and I have passed these fundamental abilities down to my children. It has taught me to stand up for things that I believe in -even if I am standing alone, it has also taught me to be strong and not to back down. Some of my best memories have come from competing and playing sports, I have even coached and refed as well. I encourage all girls to participate in athletics and develop skills that you can carry with you into your day to day life. In the meantime, you will still find me at a field, indoor court or even glued to the TV during playoffs.