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Determined • Compassionate • Fierce

Her Story

Peggy Shaughnessy

Owner - Whistle Stop Cafe & Whitepath Consulting and Counselling Services

Peggy's story :

As a child I recall the very dysfunction that no child should have to witness in the house hold.

My both parents had not only alcohol problems but also have marital ones.   My mother ran off with a lover and my father died four months later.

So, at nine years of age I was left with no parents and there were talks that my sister and I just might end up in an orphanage. My grandparents who were elderly decided it would be best for us to move in with them—they had brought eleven children into the world so what would it take to feed two more.

My grandfather was the first generation from Ireland and he was a true storyteller—although we were very poor they did the best they could with what they had.  The one thing that they taught me was true values and the importance to always be kind to anyone that you cross paths with and give them a helping hand if needed.

And that is why in all the work that I have done I attempt to connect the disconnected.’

After working many years in the medical profession, then opening several business in the Peterborough area—I now am trying to complete my doctorate (PhD) before hitting 98 years of age.

As a wife, mother of three strong minded daughters, and a grandmother of 8 grandchildren I feel so blessed with everything that surrounds me.

It is my hope that I live a long life as my grandmother before me so that I can enjoy every second of every day