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Her Story

Nancy Nickle

Owner - Birchview Design

Nancy's Story :

On Getting Older and my Plan to grow up one day!

I was driving home from a client meeting the other day and I heard an old favourite tune on the radio…singing along, I thought, I can’t believe this song is 49 years old!

Wow….I thought about where I was at in life when the song came out and then all of the fun and crazy things that I’ve done in my life    SO FAR!

I had an interesting childhood…we moved around a bit and I made some great friends along the way.  I was always ‘kind of’ in trouble and luckily my mom only knew about some of my adventures. Sneaking into the racetrack with friends underage and pretending we were old enough to bet on the  ponies…Working at Woolworths (Yonge & Queen location) provided an up-close look at the crazy times on Yonge Street in the ‘70s and somehow we elbowed our way into the culture and felt right at home.

My 20’s were a whirlwind…I met the man of my dreams; got married; had more than a few careers; bought a home or two and then had 2 amazing children.  I often woke up in the morning and wondered how someone who had so much to learn actually had children!  They looked up to me for guidance and I felt as if I had only experienced the tip of the ice berg in my own life.

With each decade, old seemed farther away…funny how that happens!

Even still, I didn’t want to get old…old people have aches and sit in chairs all day and aren’t adventurous anymore!  It’s interesting that as time goes on, we are often only held back in continuing the adventure by fear.  I’ve realized that I’m truly never too old to try something new or leave a bad habit behind and start a new one.

I have admired a dear friend of my mom’s since I was about 9 years old.  She had the fun one-piece jumpsuits with the patent leather boots and chain belt – so ahead of her time and a ball of fire. She decided to take up running and get braces at 70 and although I haven’t spoken to her in a while, I would think that she’s still slaying dragons and doing amazing things to this day.

I’m 58 now and I consider myself so lucky to have had the experiences that I’ve had to date and to also really, truly understand what love and friendship is. When we are young, we may have lots of people come and go in our lives but as time goes on, we really get the opportunity to see what makes us and those we love tick.

I’m looking forward to so many more adventures in life and having people around me who are absolutely precious to me…I haven’t quite grown up yet…still so much to learn, but I’ll keep you posted!