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Driven • Compassionate • Generous

Her Story

Monika Carmichael

HBA / Dealer Principal / General Manager, Trent Valley Honda, Peterborough, Ontario

Monika's Story

I am  the proud and dedicated owner and active General Manager, of Trent Valley Honda,  ( as well as the only female car dealer in Peterborough) , which next year will be celebrating 44 years serving the Peterborough community.

My father instilled in me a great work ethic, showed me how to live with genuine integrity, how to garner and earn respect, and take every opportunity to give and serve others through offering opportunity and support.

In 2005,  I bought majority interest and was approved as Dealer Principal by Honda Canada, and  I continue to build on my father’s legacy and add my own influence, flare and brand experience to my growing business.

At Trent Valley Honda, we inspire positive experiences, and strive to treat everyone like family, without exception.  We truly value the loyalty of our 6,000 customers.

I pride myself in fostering positive working relationships among my staff of 50, and passionately provide leadership development and coaching, and ongoing customer experience training with my  entire team. The team based culture, includes regular all inclusive, collaborative huddles, focusing on living the brand promise, values and guiding principles of the company.

As a woman,  it has been a challenging privilege to strive to be a dynamic trailblazer for other females, in an  industry dominated by men.

“Monika has gained respect for her successes in a very challenging industry that’s mainly driven by men. Her strong results come in a large part due to her exceptional customer service, her continued support and appreciation for each of her employees, and her  extensive community involvement,” says Jerry Chenkin, past President of Honda Canada.

I  believe that it’s important to give back to the community.  My dedication, generosity, community-focused approach, and my energy and competitive spirit are what I am  best known for in the industry.

I have taken my father’s advice to heart. “My father always said that if you give back to the community, and take genuine care of your customers and employees, all else will fall into place.”

I am  humbly grateful for my team, loyal customers, family and the huge group of friends and supporters that I am surrounded by.

As women, I believe we all need to allow ourselves to dream bigger, nothing is impossible if you are willing to work at it, I am my own proof of that.