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Curious • Collaborative • Compassionate

Her Story

Megan Boyles

Co-Founder/Owner - Three Sisters Natural Landscapes

Megan's Story :

I’ve always been incredibly curious – my mother tells me stories of my constant requests for explanations – “Why?” may have been my favourite question as a child. In my late teens, my sense of curiosity drove me to read and learn more about the world, including the appalling realities of suffering and poverty, faced by so many people around the world. Throughout my youth and 20s, I committed much of my time volunteering in my own community, feeling a sense of wholeness when I was able to give back to those who were in need. I learned much about the impact of poverty, both here and abroad and was determined to play a role in making a change, although not entirely sure what that role might be.

After completing my Global Health and African Studies at University, I searched for a way to be involved with a community organization overseas, where I imagined that I could be of great service. And indeed I was. I spent nearly 3 years in Bo, Sierra Leone supporting locally-run organizations to “build their capacity” – learn to and establish internal processes in order to compete for funding or or collaborate with larger organizations. The organizations requesting my support were seemingly endless – they were convinced they needed me and I was happy to help. What I didn’t realize was how much I needed them – for my own growth.

I was lucky enough to live with local families and were touched by their incredible generosity. I witnessed levels of poverty as I had never seen before and may never again. Men, women and children with no money, no credit, yet so much to live for because of their community, which was of utmost importance. Among the other learning I gained from my adventures in Sierra Leone was the incredible wealth we share when we focus on community.

I’m (once again) incredibly excited to be investing in and contributing to the community in which I call home. Through my work with Citizen-group Peterborough Pollinators, the DBIA’s Vibrancy
Group and as co-founder and owner of Three Sisters Natural Landscapes, I’m committed to helping build a resilient and connected community by building healthier landscapes for several generations to enjoy.