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Positive • Empathetic • Wayfinder

Her Story

Martha Sullivan

Lawyer - Sullivan Law Ptbo

Martha's Story :

The first is my life is crazy awesome.  

Life can be hectic as I am a small business owner with three young children.  Life is awesome for these same reasons though.  I am fortunate enough to truly love what I do.  Being able to create the law firm that I always wanted to be a part of in Peterborough (where I wanted to return to) is a great privilege.  Practicing real estate, wills & estates and family law is rewarding both personally and professionally.  I take the responsibility of my job very seriously and the trust that clients place in me; however, I have learned to never take myself seriously.  My kids bring me joy, laughter and meaning.  They also bring spilled juice, early mornings and late nights.  Sometimes my spouse and I joke that we go to work for a break !

The second is that my fortune is my friends and family.

I deeply believe that my relationships are the greatest gift I will ever have.  Working for wonderful clients together with talented colleagues, and living close to my extended families provides me with a lifestyle that I am grateful for.  Being able to both give and receive support creates very productive and fun days.

It was a privilege to be nominated.  This photo was captured during an in-between time.  It was taken at our new offices in the midst of a huge renovation while my baby was at home waiting to be fed.  Life is a great series of transitions, hopefully, towards making our dreams into reality.  This pictures captures that meaning for me.